Awkward Panda: I'll hug the life out of you

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Stay With Me - Sam Smith (Cover) by Dindin Triviño

Abscbn Station Id’s Mashup at Limay Bataan

And this is why you shouldn’t do drugs. #BudoyLevels @chardexconvict

6mos of cheats and laziness :)) #balikalindog lol noe born fluffy pala :))

Let Me Be The One Cover

this is so trippy :)) i hope i don’t regret this. #IOS7

The half baked madagascar icecream’s soooo gooood #omnomnom at mukhang man vs food yung the “man” sandwich :)) #madmarks (at Mad Mark’s)

After the consultation #Kanzhu

The remains of our Chem250 finals na kasabay ng boards last year. my family took my “Do not erase” so seriously :)) after 1yr kailangan na ata kita burahin:))

Tapsilog mixed rice haha